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The objective is to provide for the welfare and benefits of military veterans and their dependants. These benefits include compensation for physical injuries and psychological trauma, healthcare services, access to training and employment opportunities. Currently, other than pension and gratuity there, is no law which provides for such benefits.

Military veterans after rendering important services to this Nation, to a large extent, are left to fend for themselves once they leave military service. In most cases, this causes them serious social and economic problems. Their misery is compounded if they suffer health complications arising from their service in the military.

Subject to the provisions of the Act, the following benefits may be conferred on a Military veteran:-

  • Counseling and treatment for post-traumatic stress or related conditions.
  • Physical rehabilitation for any condition arising out of military service.
  • Honoring and memorializing fallen military veterans.
  • Education, training and skill development.
  • Facilitation or advice on employment placement
  • Facilitation or advice on business opportunities.

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